CyVault™ Teams Up with Opal Health to Boost Cybersecurity in Healthcare

CyVault™ Teams Up with Opal Health to Boost Cybersecurity in Healthcare

CyVault™ is excited to announce its partnership with the Opal Health Informatics Group as part of the Quebec SmartCare Consortium. This collaboration is a big step towards strengthening cybersecurity in healthcare and underlines CyVault™’s dedication to protecting critical systems worldwide.

CyVault™ offers a cutting-edge service called “DOME” that provides real-time protection and helps organizations understand their cybersecurity situation. Trusted by major North American hospitals, CyVault™ is known for its ability to enhance cybersecurity and tackle emerging threats effectively.

In partnership with Opal Health, CyVault™ will work to protect the Opal patient portal platform from cyber threats. Together, we aim to showcase the effectiveness of “DOME” in safeguarding patient data and bolstering cybersecurity in healthcare settings.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Opal Health,” said representatives from CyVault™. “Our collaboration reflects our joint commitment to raising the bar for cybersecurity in healthcare. Together, we’re empowering organizations to stay ahead of cyber threats and protect patient information.”

This partnership signifies CyVault™’s commitment to driving innovation and excellence in cybersecurity. By working together, we hope to set new standards for proactive cyber defense and ensure the resilience of healthcare systems against evolving threats.

With CyVault™ and Opal Health joining forces, we’re ready to shape the future of healthcare cybersecurity for the Quebec SmartCare Consortium and beyond. 🤝

About CyVault™ (a division of PM SCADA Cyber Defense)

CyVault™ is committed to one and only mission, being at the forefront of technology and leveraging advanced R&D initiatives, strategic partnerships and intelligent, scalable and field-proven defense models to ensure the best possible resilience to service interruptions. Real-time services require real-time defenses. CyVault™ (a division of PM SCADA Cyber Defense) advises and leads cyber defense for leading Canadian organizations in Energy, Transport, Healthcare, and other sectors.

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