Unified Cyber Defense

CyVault™ offers elevated cyber defense solutions and packages


CyVault™ | DOME is your complete cyber defense ecosystem. DOME combines our integrated cyber defense with a managed security for real-time threat protection, detection and response, 24/7/365.

Unified defense for small to midsize business


CyVault™ | DOME is for you!
Simple, complete and affordable protection for your environment


DATADEFENSE protects your data 24/7/365, in terms of confidentiality, integrity. and data breaches.


IDDEFENSE ensures the right identity validation for persons and devices, including secure multi-factor authentication.


PHISHEYE provides cyber awareness to the human element. Teach your team how to be vigilent in the face of potential cyber threats.


REDEYE englobes our offensive services and products, to identify known and unknown vulnerabilities and anomalies in your services.


RISKEYE is our compliance practice, which also, evaluates your cyber maturity compared to best practices.


ACADEMY offers training for all skill levels with real-life attack and defense scenarios for various industries.

Greater Peace of Mind Begins with Real Cyber Defense