Bill 25 – How Can I Comply?

Bill 25 – How Can I Comply?

As businesses strive to comply with the extensive reforms introduced by Bill 25, ensuring alignment with Quebec’s privacy legislation, key milestones and considerations emerge on the compliance horizon. The phased rollout, started on September 2022.

By September 22, 2022:

    • Assign a Privacy Officer and notify the CAI.
    • Implement mandatory breach reporting mechanisms.
    • Disclose the use of biometric data to the commission if applicable.

By September 22, 2023:

    • Develop and publish a comprehensive privacy policy on the company website.
    • Conduct mandatory Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA) for specified scenarios.
    • Establish transparency and consent systems, addressing various aspects such as data collection technology, consent forms, and cross-border data transfer protocols.

By September 22, 2024:

    • Implement systems for anonymization and the right to erasure.
    • Facilitate the right to portability by enabling the production of digital copies of personal information upon request.

As businesses start their Bill 25 compliance journey, a comprehensive understanding of these regulations is imperative.

The MaLoi25 training program adopts a methodical framework to address the assistance requirements of small and medium-sized businesses through four integrated stages, focusing on enhancing their cybersecurity posture and ensuring compliance with Bill 25. It offers a progressive and tailored experience, considering the distinct needs and organizational context. Eligibility extends to all businesses, providing awareness and support services to both for-profit and non-profit organizations headquartered in Quebec with fewer than 500 employees.

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