CyVault™ | DOME

CyVault™ | DOME

Your complete real-time Cyber Defense Ecosystem

With Cyber threats constantly evolving and becoming even more sophisticated, companies cannot stay ahead of these imminent attacks relying solely on security controls. CyVault’s DOME provides an innovative Cyber Defense ecosystem supported by a managed real-time threat protection, detection, and response, 24/7/365.

How DOME Differs from Security Controls

Security Controls (example, antivirus) that are installed in your organization help you detect known malicious activities, patterns, and attacks. Unfortunately, these controls are blind to novel, complex and unknown attacks that threat adversaries can leverage to target your organization. Another major concern is that these controls work in a siloed manner making them ineffective to these attacks.

DOME does all the heavy lifting needed to provide optimal security and defense. DOME coordinates your Security Controls with additional tools and intelligence required to defeat threat adversaries. DOME automatically protects, defends, responds, and constantly adapts your defenses. Our platform provides full visibility on your cyber situational awareness with a simple-to-understand portal that includes reports, advisories, and more.


The CyVault™ Difference – True and complete automated protection

Real Time Visibility

Understanding your cyber defense posture is critical. CyVault™ | DOME provides a portal where your real-time cyber status is available and easy to understand. Everything you need to know about your cyber defense posture is at your fingertips.

DOME Never Stops Learning

New threats and novel attacks emerge daily, fortunately DOME continues to learn from the attack landscape – even from the ones that are not targeted at you specifically. DOME never stops adapting and counters attack tactics and techniques to enhance your defense. DOME is a non-stop learning machine that uses novel techniques such as AI and Machine Learning.

We Are There With You

In case of an attack, DOME is on top of it even before you realize it. Our cyber experts will jump in when needed, 24/7/365 to provide an additional layer of defense. You always have access to our experts when needed.

Complete Defense for Your Organization


CyVault™ | DOME is totally automated – you do not need to hire more resources or a team of cyber exports to defend yourself.
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DOME orchestrates and manages harmoniously all your Securiy Controls ensuring they provide optimal protection and defense. Our portal provides visibility, management of your subscribed services and cyber security posture.


DOME implements the appropriate safeguards to ensure the protection of your critical infrastructures defending them from potential threats. This includes protecting all your endpoints, servers, cloud, emails, networks and more.


Once a threat is identified, DOME kicks into action by autonomously defending your systems from the occurrence of a cybersecurity event/incident/breach. It ensure that all defense controls are aligned and defending in real-time.


DOME will respond with the appropriate automated actions to an attempted event/incident/breach containing the impact it may have. DOME will ensure that all security controls respond in a harmonious way ensuring optimal defense from cyber attacks. Our cyber expert team is ready to deal with attacks if necessary.

Trusted By Major Companies and Industries


CyVault™ | DOME is ideal for all sizes.
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